Watch a stunning sunset in Menorca from the lighthouse at Cavalleria

These wonderful and mysterious towers look over sea and sky, alerting sailors to danger. Menorca’s lighthouses have become part of our heritage and are well worth a visit. There are 7 and Bini Hotels recommend the Cavalleria one for one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean.

It is the most northern point in Menorca and stands 94 metres above sea level in a fantastic area. To the left is the ancient port of Sanitja with a defence tower built by the British in the 1800’s. You’ll spot it beforehand on the Cavalleria track that leads to the lighthouse.  

Nearby are the remains of the Sanisera village, a military camp occupied by the Romans in the 1st century BD.


Tales of shipwrecks and pirates in Menorca

Here’s our suggestion for an evening excursion. Leave the beach of Cavalleria to your left and carry on to the lighthouse, and don’t miss the dry-stone walls and how they create an intricate patchwork of boundaries.

The lighthouse itself is set over a cliff and on the ground floor there is an Interpretation Centre, where you will hear fascinating tales of shipwrecks and pirates, defence towers, Menorca’s geology… and how the lighting system in Menorca’s oldest lighthouse has changed since it was built in 1857.

To one side you can see the remains of the quarry from where the rock was taken to build the lighthouse. And a cave. You may need a torch to explore, but when you get to the end you will get a fantastic view from the cliffs and, on rough days, see how the waves hits the soaring rockface. In front lies the small islet Illa dels Porros, inhabited by a special lizard peculiar to Menorca.


Menorca, the first sunset in Spain

The parking area is full up with people’s cars waiting to watch the show. The moment arrives and you can hear the silence. The sun is gently touching the horizon and, sitting by your partner on the rocks, you will be filled with awe at this special light that only a Menorcan sunset has. The sun goes down in an unforgettable fanfare of light and colour.

It’s just a matter of moments before darkness descends and then all you see are the lights of the cars as they leave the lighthouse and wind along the track.

Getting to the Cavalleria lighthouse is easy. Take the road to Fornells from Mahón or Es Mercadal and, when you reach the crossing leading you to the northern beaches, take the road signs for Cavalleria. Did you realise that Menorca lies at the most easterly point of Spain? How about experiencing the very first sunrises and sunsets? 



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