The 7 most beautiful unspoiled beaches in Menorca

Menorca boasts a coastline full of stunning unspoiled beaches and bays that shimmer with colour and the clearest of water. Each one has that special and genuine something which makes it different. The ones on the south have fine pale sand, while the northern beaches are varying shades of gold. How many unspoiled beaches do you know in Menorca?

If you come here on holiday you won’t have time to enjoy them all, so let us at Bini Hotels recommend 7 for you to plan a visit to: you won’t be disappointed.

1.- Macarella, picture postcard Menorca

Set in a natural protected area, with a pine forest to offer welcome shade, a small beach bar and, right beside it, Cala Macarelleta, its little sister. Think clear blue water edged with cliffs of white rock.

nullYou can only get there by bus from Ciutadella, or on a motorbike or bicycle as far as the public car park. From there you wander through a leafy track for 10 minutes before reaching Menorca’s most photographed beach.

And if you like walking, try the Camí de Cavalls old bridle path from Cala Galdana, with fabulous lookout points that are really worth getting to. Just 2 km.

2.- Cala Turqueta, tranquillity in turquoise water

Irresistible clear turquoise water which cries out to be enjoyed in a mini paradise to the south of Ciutadella. There are no facilities on this unspoiled beach, so be sure to take everything you need for the day. And don’t forget your mask as the snorkelling is amazing.

The parking area soon fills up, with signs on the road indicating availability. It’s best to get there early and enjoy the scenery in the morning, as the high cliffs leave the beach in the shade mid-afternoon.

3.- Cala Mitjana, bay on the south

The finest pale white sand, surrounded by cliffs and tumbling vegetation with the little bay Cala Mitjaneta next along. Although it hasn’t got much sand, this is also a very popular remote beach.


Like most of the bays on the south of Menorca, Mitjana has fine white sand and incredible clear water. Make the most of it and discover the small caves wedged in among the white rocks.

Just before reaching Cala Galdana, there’s a turning to the left which takes you to a parking area near the bay. Or you can walk along the Camí de Cavalls, it’s 1.7 km from the Sa Punta lookout point from Cala Galdana to Cala Mitjana.

4.- Binigaus, at the end of the ravine

Located to the west of the urbanization Santo Tomás in Es Migjorn Gran, this lovely unspoiled beach lies at the base of the Binigaus ravine. Look out for the rocky islet Binicodrell to guide you along the path to this special spot in Menorca.

Only a 10-minute walk from the car park, this lovely shallow beach is perfect for all the family. The kids will love the crystal-clear water and be able to see varied marine life.

And if you fancy walking a bit and exploring, take a look at the cave called Cova des Coloms in the ravine. You’ll be surprised how big it is, actually the largest in Menorca and known as “the Cathedral”.

5.- Cala Pregonda, the iconic colours of the north of Menorca

Let’s head to the north of the island, where you will be blown away by the different colours and land formation. Park at Binimel·là (where there’s a restaurant), and then walk along the path for about 30 minutes and enjoy the contrast of deep red earth and greenery.

First you get to Cala Pregondó, a perfect halfway stop to have a refreshing dip. Then you walk up a slight rise and will get your first glimpse of one of the most beautiful remote beaches in Menorca: Cala Pregonda.

Golden sand and blue water highlighted with white rocks for a magic touch. Maybe that’s why British musician Mike Oldfield used this image for the cover of one of his most famous albums.

There are no facilities here, so take everything you need to spend a perfect day at this hideaway beach.


6.- Cala Pilar, for the adventurous

Another remote unspoiled beach on the north, where you will be amazed by the contrast and natural setting. It’s between Ferreries and Ciutadella, you can see the access from the main road which takes you to the parking. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the beach but when you get to the bay you’ll realise it’s worth it.

Try to follow the marked path and please avoid walking in the dunes. This is a fragile ecosystem which needs protecting to keep it so beautiful. Feast your eyes on the red and ochre rocks that prevail on the north coast.

There are no facilities here. It is fantastic for snorkelling, but make sure that the north wind called the tramuntana isn’t blowing. It roars into the bay and whips up the waves, which could just thwart your plans.

7.- Cavalleria, under the lighthouse

This is one of the largest bays on Menorca’s north coast. With coarse reddish sand and crystal-clear water teeming with marine life, it’s understandable that this area is right in the centre of the Marine Reserve.

Parking is 15 minutes from the beach. Take a look at the stunning scenery from the top of the wooden steps leading to the sea. Drink in the colour and intense blue of the open sea. To the right lies the little bay Cala Rotja, and if you feel like it walk along the Camí de Cavalls to the tranquil and gorgeous Cala Mica.

Finish off a perfect day by taking the road to the Cavalleria lighthouse to watch a fabulous sunset. An unforgettable sight.

We've numbered the beaches for you to see them easily, but what you can't see in this selection is the extent of their beauty and special quality. We still can't agree, which one do you prefer?

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