S'Estil·let, the charm of a unique hotel

This little hotel right in the heart of Es Migjorn Gran is attractive and full of light, you will notice this straight away. An old village bar turned into simple but exclusive venue with lovely decorative touches such as details of traditional shoemaking, a legacy of the owner’s father.

The name, S'Estil·let, comes from a tool used by Menorcan shoemakers to sharpen the knives they used to shape the leather, all meticulously handmade one by one. 

The interior designer, Virginia Barber, wanted to further enhance the decor of the hotel’s bedrooms by giving them a special colour. Each room is beautifully painted in soft tones, with elegant floor tiles that have been custom made...  pink, blue, yellow and pearl grey.  

Cafeteria de s'Estil·let

With unusual details such as old shoe lasts now being used as coat hooks, or the wooden beams that used to support the upper part of the building being cleverly converted into tables and shelves.

The architect José Jordà has renovated the interior by adding a skylight in each corner of the hotel, providing warmth and light. There’s a lovely little courtyard where you can have coffee in the shade in the day or a drink in the evening. The open-plan kitchen lets guests check what’s on for dinner.

Terraza Interior de s'Estil·let

The four bedrooms have their own individual names and, of course, they pay homage to artisan shoemakers:

  • Caramuixa: is the Menorcan name for a plant with long stems and lovely white flowers. They make for a beautiful landscape in the spring when they fill all the countryside with colour. The ancient Greeks believed that lost and departed souls wandered between these caramuixes – surely a private and pure place. The dried-out stems of the flowers were used to keep the shape of the shoes when they were ready for sale.
  • Sa banqueta: this a small bench seat with a drawer on each end in which shoemakers kept their tools. It was an essential piece for these artisans to sit on while making a pair of shoes per day. Exclusive creations, just like this hotel, but available for all to enjoy. 
  • Sabaters: this is the name for Menorcan shoemakers. It is their meticulous crafting and attention to detail that ensures a perfect fit of shoe for each individual person.
  • Llumeta: a little oil lamp. They used the flame to heat the chisel with which they decorated the leather.


Habitación Sa Llumeta de s'Estil·let

True homage to a trade that, although it is no longer, still reflects the values of quality and patience invested in a beautifully crafted product. Craftsmanship is being revived once again in the face of modern day technology, reminding us of a special era of peace, tradition, individual creativity and a human approach – just like this charming family hotel which ensures guests a blissful escape from our hectic everyday life.  

Due to its location right in the middle of the island, you’ll want to include a visit to S'Estil·let more than once while in Menorca. Do you know Es Migjorn Gran? It’s 20 minutes’ drive from Mahón and from Ciutadella. Everything is nearby so all you have to do it tell us which bays or beaches you’d like to go to. Or maybe you want to discover the Camí de Cavalls old bridle path?

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