Is Pregonda the best unspoilt beach in Menorca?


Artists living in Menorca tend to say that it is the island’s amazing colours which inspire them. And Cala Pregonda is outstanding proof of this, with a stunning combination of colour and rock formations that will simply blow you away. That’s exactly why our team at Bini Hotels propose an excursion for you and your partner to enjoy one of the finest views of the north coast of Menorca.

Camí de Cavalls, an old horse track which goes right round the Menorcan coastline

Getting to the beach of Binimel·là is easy. Take the road to Fornells from Es Mercadal, and just before a roundabout you’ll see a sign for the beaches on the left. Take this road, and Binimel·là is off to the right. Once you get there, park the car and walk to Cala Pregonda on the famous bridle path Camí de Cavalls.

The path is well signposted. Try keeping to the marked path as this is an area of huge environmental value. The red earth makes for a stunning intense and dark contrast against the bright turquoise of the sea. You soon come across a small bay, Calas Morts and, shortly afterwards Pregondó, with beautiful pale golden sand and reefs of bright white rock dotting the water. The perfect place to stop to admire the view and have a swim.



Gorgeous scenery on the north coast of Menorca

From Cala Pregondó you can already appreciate the beauty of this area, but you’ve got a bit further to walk for Pregonda itself. A gentle slope leads you to the highest point from which you admire the stunning north coast of Menorca.

An incredible landscape of little clusters of ochre and red cliffs and craggy white rocks, and extraordinary volcanic rock formations from millions of years ago, all with Cala Pregonda inviting you to go through the gate and drop down to its sweeping golden bay.

Unspoiled beach and Marine Reserve

Although there are a couple of houses close to the beach, Pregonda retains its natural unspoiled beauty and some of the clearest water you will ever see. This area part of the Northern Marine Reserve, so enjoy snorkelling in this fascinating underwater world with its many varieties of fish.


The 2 km trip from Binimel·là to Pregonda takes half an hour, There is a restaurant at Binimel·là, open in the summer, and this is the only place to eat or drink if you don’t want to take provisions with you.

Now that you’ve seen it for yourself, is Pregonda the finest unspoiled beach in Menorca? Which other beaches have you been to and would you recommend?

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