How can you enjoy Menorca from first light?

You can see the very first rays of morning sun in Spain in Menorca, which lies at the eastern-most point and revels in offering us that special gift of first light. The bay Cala San Esteban is the most perfect place to greet the dawn, where you can swim in the calmest of Mediterranean seas and watch the sun rise before enjoying a great walk along the Menorcan coastline. Ready?

Menorca is the first point in Spain to see the sun rise, it’s an unforgettable experience to watch it from a landscape of rounded stones worn down by the wind and sea, with little deposits of sea salt collecting in hollows.


A unique Menorcan landscape 


When you reach Cala San Esteban, 2 km from Es Castell, leave your car in the car park above the bay. From there you can take a tree-lined Camí de Cavalls old bridle path until you spot the sea running into the bay with all the boats moored up. It’s mostly water lapping the shore on one side, while the other is dotted with simple white houses.

Soon you’ll come across Fort Marlborough, well worth a visit. It was built by the British forces nearly 300 years ago and still conserves its underground tunnels while from above, beside the cannons, you can see the entrance to Mahón Harbour.

Ahead, on the other side of this natural harbour, lie the remains of the fortress Castillo de San Felipe, built in the 16th century and destroyed a century later. It is these two fortresses which protected the harbour from invaders.

The bridle path Camí de Cavalls

Go out to the point where stone-hewn steps lead you to an almost lunar landscape. There’s no sand, but there are several places where you can get into the water for a swim. Enjoy the wonderful silence of this place and the stunning sunrise with early-morning ochres and blues. It’s an unforgettable romantic time.





You won’t want to leave there, but we at Bini Hotels suggest that you wear sensible shoes and carry on to the tower known as Torre d'en Penjat, or the Tower of the Hanged Man, which the English built. It’s a lovely walk to this old watch tower, along a path edged with large rocks that the prisoners took around 200 years ago before being executed.

Sit down and drink in the gentle sound of the sea and the setting. Can you feel the historic legacy of the place? You’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the first sunrise in Spain in an incredible place in Menorca. Which part of the trip have you enjoyed most?

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