Family excursion to the ravine Barranco de Algendar in Menorca

The ravine called Barranc d'Algendar is very close to the village of Es Migjorn Gran. It’s a mysterious place with beautiful scenery and ancient paths with many a tale to tell. Choose the Camí Reial path to go with your family. You’ll all enjoy walking and experiencing Menorca’s amazing natural appeal on what is now a very popular walking route. 

The path is clearly marked by the cemetery in Ferreries. It is also known as the Camí Vell (Old Path) because before it was the main road connecting Mahón and Ciutadella.

How about picking some fresh mint and rosemary?

This country walk is on a path which quickly narrows and where you pass through gorgeous wooded areas with the branches overhanging and forming an arch overhead. The sun penetrates the branches to light up the path as you approach the cross Creu de Son Gornés. This is where the first legend is: a young farm worker sought shelter from a big storm and was fatally struck by lightning. This cross commemorates his tragic plight in 1865.

The Town Hall has put up posters encouraging you to pick fresh herbs such as mint, rosemary and bay leaves as you wander along the pathway. They are easily recognisable through their scent – so now let’s see who finds the most!


nullThey say that this path was originally medieval but that it was built over an old Roman road from their period in Menorca. Maybe that’s why some of the paving stones were almost completely covered with moss or weeds. Now they look well-tended, and the clean white paving stands out against the dry-stone walls and greenery.


What’s he doing with a silver real coin?

Soon you will come across the well Pou de sa Perdiu  Blanca which also has a legend: a hunter kept on trying to shoot a white partridge on the way to his fiancee’s house. One day he loaded his gun with a silver real coin and managed to shoot the bird in the right wing. When he reached his fiancee’s, he found that she had a wounded right arm. What is there to do by the well? Just stay still and silent and listen to the sounds in the ravine. You’ll hear the birdsong of many a bird and even the birds of prey who live there.

Gradually you’ll approach the cave la Cova Reial. It was a prehistoric dwelling but now it’s a rest place for walkers. Why not stop for a break? Look out for the shy tortoise who’ll be hiding in the bushes.



Are you on the hill of happiness now?

The last section of the Camí Reial is la Costa de Salema. It’s a small hill about 200 metres long and ends your excursion.

The name comes from Arabic and means “happiness” or “peace” which are definitely two sensations that you will experience in this part of Menorca.

Don’t forget to wear sensible shoes and take food and drink. You can take this path by foot, by bike or on horseback. It’s about 3.5 km of easy walking and your family can really enjoy the fresh air and some of the loveliest scenery in Menorca. Want to get started on this adventure and discover the legends of the Barranc d'Algendar?


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