Binigaus: 3 ways to enjoy nature with your partner

At the bottom of the ravine lies a beautiful unspoiled beach called Binigaus. From here you can take a path into the woodland which leads to the cave Cova des Coloms. Or let the sound of the sea as you walk along the shore enchant you. Or you can go that step further and follow the shoreline to some of the most beautiful small isolated bays in Menorca.

Binigaus is on the south coast of the island. It is 4 km from Es Migjorn Gran, a lovely green and peaceful village. It’s not surprising that it’s become a favourite home to artists, who find inspiration here. There are ravines of white rock, tumbling greenery, glorious white sandy beaches….

Perfect for snorkelling

On reaching Santo Tomàs, park and walk to the right for about 10 minutes for Binigaus beach. Let the water caress your bare feet, dig your toes into the fine white sand and drink in the sea views. The water is a stunning bright blue with turquoise in parts, so clear and tempting for a dip.

Swim out to the Binicodrell islet and snorkel around it to see all the teeming marine life, enjoy the scenery and then find yourself a place to settle and relax in the sunshine on the beach.


Cala Escorxada, unspoiled and isolated

Have you come with your partner? Why not suggest a walk along the Camí de Cavalls, an old bridle path that goes right round Menorca. From Binigaus you can get to amazing unspoiled beaches like Cala Escorxada. It takes about 45 minutes but as soon as you get your first glimpse of it you’ll know it was worth the walk.

The cave in the Binigaus ravine

How about going into the ravine and finding "the Cathedral"? That’s what the largest natural cave in Menorca, Cova des Coloms, is called. It’s 24 metres high and 300 metres long, with a small entrance, and it is said it was used as a sanctuary. This excursion takes about 30 minutes of walking through the woods. It’s not difficult and there are signs on the rocks as you go along.


Fantastic sunsets

No matter what you choose to do here, we recommend you catching the sunset. From the beach at Binigaus you will see a whole fanfare of colour as the sun goes down over the sea and blends into the horizon. It’s a beautiful and natural show, with the sound of the soft lapping of the sea in the background.

But the day doesn’t have to end here. There are some great restaurants in Es Migjorn Gran like S'Engolidor, where you can sample some of Menorca’s finest cuisine. What better way to finish off a romantic day with your partner?

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