Best way to plan excursions on the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca?

An ancient bridle path that goes right around Menorca. An unbeatable natural setting. The Camí de Cavalls (bridle path for horses) has become the perfect place for active tourism: walking, cycling and, of course, horse-riding. 185 kms of stunning places to enjoy. kms of stunning places to enjoy. Simply the best experience when it comes to discovering the island.

Organising a round trip of Menorca is a popular activity among the Menorcans, and now tourists have caught on too. That’s because we all love the beautiful beaches, woodland, ravines, countryside and even urban parts of this path that was created to defend the island’s coast.


20 ways to get to know Menorca

The Camí de Cavalls itinerary is divided into 20 sections. You can choose between the north with its windswept coast and contrast of vibrant colour, or the south with its gentle and tranquil coast and variety of landscape Camí de Cavalls itinerary is divided into 20 sections. You can choose between the north with its windswept coast and contrast of vibrant colour, or the south with its gentle and tranquil coast and variety of landscape.

Everywhere is well signposted with the wooden boards showing an iconic horseshoe. This link gives you the information on these routes, detailing the level of difficulty, what to look out for along the way and what not to miss.


It’s not just the amazing scenery on the island that will appeal, it’s the lighthouses (like Punta Nati and Cavalleria), the archealogical monuments (the necropolis at Calescoves or the paleo-Christian Basilica at Son Bou), ethnological elements (the dry stone cattle shelters called “barraques”), the defence towers (Torre de Fornells), vestiges from the Spanish Civil War (such as the ditches or bunker in Son Saura),... to surprise you along the way.

Which part of Menorca do you want to get to know first?

So, are you already looking forward to preparing an excursion on some of the Camí de Cavalls sections?


Here at Bini Hotels we recommend 2 of them:

  • From Els Alocs to Algaiarens:

Nearly 10 kms of medium difficulty on the north of Menorca. Past the remote beaches of Cala Pilar and Alfurí and in among woods as you go along.

Cliffs of stunning ochres and reds and the scent of wild rosemary guide you to Algaiarens, or de La Vall, two unspoiled beaches with pale sand and crystal-clear water divided by a small stream.

  • From Cala Galdana to Santo Tomás:

They call it the “ravine route”. Here you’ll find the Algendar, Trebalúger and Albranca ones, leading down to the most beautiful remote beaches on the south coast of Menorca: Cala Trebalúger, Cala Escorxada, Cala Fustam or Binigaus.

10.4 kms of easy walking will take you to largest natural cave in Menorca, Cova des Coloms.


Safeguarding between the defence towers on the Camí de Cavalls

Officially it’s the GR-223, a long-distance walking path. For us it’s the Camí de Cavalls. No-one really knows exactly when they started using it, but it served to link the defence towers on Menorca’s coast, and it was from here that they safeguarded the coast from pirate invasions.

What is known is that there were already some sections in use in the 14th century but it was in the 18th century, when the island was under British rule, that the value of the Camino Real path was recognised and it was ordered to be kept passable.


The French also found this path useful. They widened it and looked after it, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that a law confirmed its general use, something that Menorcans had been asking for over the years.


  • At the moment, there are no hostels to stay in along the Camí de Cavalls, meaning that you’ll need to find accommodation in towns or urbanisations on the island.

  • There are no facilities either, so be sure to take food and water.

  • You should also wear sensible shoes and take a hat to protect you from the sun.

  • Menorca enjoys a mild sunny climate but it’s best to avoid the really hot days. If it is hot just do small sections. How about walking to one of the remote beaches we’ve mentioned? Finishing off with a refreshing dip is always a great option.

  • Remember to always close any gates that are closed. They’re there to contain livestock.

  • You are not allowed to spend the night on the beaches.

  • Don’t start your walk without taking the details of the section you’ve chosen. Ensure that you know the level of difficulty and nearby places so that you fully enjoy an unforgettable experience.

  • And don’t forget your camera to record some of the finest images along the way.


Walking, cycling or horse-riding, on the Camí de Cavalls you’ll discover all sorts of enchanting spots in Menorca. Enjoy a great adventure with your partner, family or friends.

And dont’ forget that you’re in a natural setting where you should always respect the environment, this is fundamental for everyone to enjoy what Menorca has to offer. Have you already chosen the route you want to start on?

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