Avarcas from Menorca, the trendiest shoes for this summer

​It’s the innovative design and materials used to make these shoes that have wowed even queens and princesses, with many of the big international fashion brands copying this unique Menorcan footwear. We’re talking about the avarca, a humble sandal that has made its way from the Menorcan countryside to major catwalks. How about getting the whole family on trend while you’re on holiday on the island? 

A long time ago, Menorcan shepherds and farm labourers needed strong and flexible shoes to tackle rocky terrain, and so they created the very first avarcas, made from leather, tied at the ankle with cord and with rubber tyre soles. This was in the Roman era, although there is evidence of these shoes existing in the 13th century.

Artisan design: avarcas from Menorca


In the 60s, both residents and visitors cottoned on to avarcas because they were so comfortable. Then, in the 80s, they became the most popular summer footwear.

The innovative side had only just begun: with the introduction of new materials, colour combinations, different heel heights… both women and men opted for this modern, fresh and practical sandal.

​The royal seal of approval

Images of the queens of Spain wearing avarcas has been the best promotion ever for this footwear, but the big international fashion houses like Prada have also used them as a model to create beautiful elaborate sandals of an uncanny similarity to the ones made in Menorca.

It’s no surprise when you think how difficult it is to create a shoe that is versatile enough to wear on the beach, walk along the country paths or go out and enjoy the nightlife in the ports of Mahón or Ciutadella.


Vegan avarcas

Ever aware of new trends, the three manufacturers on the island have introduced vegan avarcas to the market, made from non-animal materials. Ecological sandals, reflecting respect for animals and the environment and still as comfortable as ever.

Synthetic leather, bio cotton, natural microfibres... the introduction of new materials is the latest fashion and really taking off at the international footwear fairs.

Product of Menorca

Genuine avarcas have a geographic indication “Product made in Menorca” guaranteeing their quality.

The wonderful natural setting of the island is the perfect place to wear these modern and comfortable sandals that you can buy at the local factories. We’re sure that you and your family will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your summer avarcas. Which colour do you prefer? And which materials?

Cover photo: Nuria

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