5 plans for you and your partner’s holiday in Menorca

Have you decided to surprise your partner with a holiday in Menorca? Great idea, it’s such a romantic island. Unspoiled beaches, sunsets from the lighthouses... And lots of fun and exciting activities that will stay with you forever. Here at Bini Hotels we want you to enjoy your stay on the island and we have 5 plans to recommend so that you have a great active time:

1.- We know that you love the sea in Menorca. Waves gently lap the shore… ¡t’s so tranquil! And what about those colours? How about a kayak excursion?

You don’t have to be an expert. If you rent a kayak in Fornells you can get right round the bay, discover little hidden coves and the la Mola islets without even leaving the harbour and going into open sea, just constantly hugging the coastline.


One obligatory stop is at the solitary cove Cabra Salada (also Celada) with its little fresh-water stream where the goats come to drink from nearby farms. The water is clear and still, like a natural rock pool.

As you approach the mouth of the harbour you’ll see the impressive Torre de Fornells up above, one of the defence towers built by the British in Menorca in 1802.

2.- Menorca towns have a truly special charm and Ciutadella has so much history. From the obelisk in the Plaça des Born that commemorates the locals’ resistance to invading Turks to the Plaça de ses Palmeres which housed the original entrance into the city.

Narrow streets with open air terraces for the restaurants and lots of shops to liven up the atmosphere. Ancient palaces and stately homes to remind us of Ciutadella’s noble heritage. And the stunning Gothic cathedral commissioned by King Alfonso the Third of Aragón in 1300.


On the promenade by the sea you’ll see the Castle of San Nicolás. You can visit it and the defence tower for nothing and the views are fantastic. On a clear day, you can spot the mountains in Mallorca.

3.- While you’re in Ciutadella, don’t miss going down to the port. It’s small but delightful and also one of the places in Menorca where you can savour some of most delicious gastronomy on the island. Fresh fish is brought in every day and there are many wonderful varied recipes. Have stuffed aubergines with your fish for an extra tasty experience.


Both the Maó and Fornells harbours also have amazing cuisine, with Menorcans concentrating on preparing their fresh produce in a simple way to conserve all that flavour. “Oliaigua” is a perfect example, and a delicious vegetable soup.

If you’re exploring the interior of the island, try the S'Engolidor restaurant at Es Migjorn Gran. It’s a charming old farmhouse, where you relax in comfort and enjoy traditional Menorcan cuisines with a modern twist.

4.- Do you like walking and hiking? The Camí de Cavalls de Menorca is an old bridle path going right round the island’s coastline, why not walk to an isolated cove where you can chill out and swim? Or how about the walk from Cala Galdana to Cala Mitjana?

This is a charming walk through the woods, where you will smell the scent of wild rosemary. First you’ll get to Cala Mitjaneta, a little bay with a lookout point above that you must stop at. You’ll be bowled over by the colours of the sea contrasting with the vegetation – pure paradise.

Swim in Cala Mitjana and explore the small caves before recharging the batteries to walk back.


5.- This is a great place for snorkelling but we’re going to suggest somewhere else to go. How about snorkelling in Cala Morell? It’s close to Ciutadella, with cliffs that surround a beautiful calm bay teeming with marine life. Fish of lots of colours, starfish, sea sponges…

By the beach you’ll see a rocky outcrop shaped like an elephant surrounded by other formations with colours that are a fascinating mix of deep reds, ochres and gold.

And then if you’ve got time it’s worth going to see the Necropolis at Cala Morell. This cluster of prehistoric caves contains secrets of how ancient Menorcan inhabitants lived, and it’s located above, just before you drop down to the beach.


Menorca is a small island but it has big possibilities. Plenty of varied and fun activities for you to have the best holiday every with your partner. What’s your decision?

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