5 advantages of taking an autumn trip to Menorca

Does Menorca just seem like a summer island to you? That’s because you haven’t visited it in the autumn, when it recovers its genuine natural charm. It still retains those stunning sunset and sea colours, but now countryside has come alive with lush greenery, the purest of air and little lanes to wander along. Are you coming to see for yourself?

Travelling to Menorca in the autumn has various bonuses, encouraging many couples to save a week of their summer holidays for now so that they can enjoy an island that, despite being small, is big on lots of different ways to have a great time:


1.- There’s no doubt that the greatest bonus is that it’s nowhere near as busy

Lots of people want to visit in July and August, enjoying the heat and gorgeous turquoise waters. But now is when the island goes back to normal, at a more relaxed pace…for you to enjoy its landscape and customs in a different way.

Strolling along Mahón harbour in the autumn is bliss. No crowds, little fishing boats arriving laden with their catch after a day out at sea, or eyeing up the cruise ships that visit all year round. There’s the artisan market right by the water, plus bars and restaurants where you can sun yourself while drinking in the atmosphere.

2.- The climate is mild and warm


Perfect for wandering along the island’s village streets. Visit the lovely historic centre of Ciutadella, discover the straight grid-formation streets in Es Castell, a legacy of the British occupation, and enjoy the traditional charm of the French town of Sant Lluís.

Country lanes edged with typical dry-stone walls, the scent of wild rosemary… a great way to lift your spirits on this peaceful walk to start off your day. Fresh air, no rush, blissfully quiet…

And if it rains? Delve into the island’s fascinating history at Mahón’s museum Museu de Menorca or visit de Mahón and Ciutadella’s bustling colourful markets packed with delicious Menorcan produce.


You could also take in a show or concert at the Mahón’s theatre Teatre Principal. It’s the oldest opera house in Spain, a true architectural gem that is well worth visiting.

3.- Your connection with nature is so much closer

When it’s hot, no one feels like being too active outdoors but at this lovely mild time of year it’s irresistible. How about a horse ride? Animals aren’t allowed on the beach in the summer, but now we can gallop along the sand and even take our calm and noble steeds into the sea! What an amazing sense of freedom!


Or maybe a trek along the Camí de Cavalls old bridle path? If you’re staying at one of our apartments in Cala Canutells, we recommend the route from there to Calescoves. It’s a lovely gentle walk through a little wood, cultivated fields with the typical ullastres (wild olive trees). After about 20 minutes you reach Calescoves, where there is a necropolis with prehistoric burial caves that look like eyes in the cliff. You can still visit the odd cave, and don’t miss out on a dip in the crystal-clear sea before heading home. A great experience!

4.- Autumn produce in Menorcan gastronomy

Soon people will start collecting wild mushrooms in the island’s woods. Have you ever tried them cooked with typical sobrassada sausage? Or, sample the exquisite flavour of esclata-sangs or cames seques, found more frequently and cooked on their own or with meat or cured meat.


The island’s gastronomy offers different natural flavours in the autumn: aubergine, baked in the oven and stuffed with tomato and onions, meat or fish; tasty little artichokes cooked with clams or over the grill; squash made into creamy soups or a jam to go with Menorcan cheese in a mouth-watering combination of texture and aroma…

How about visiting one of Menorca’s wineries? The island’s wine boasts its own geographic designation. Try Binifadet near Sant Lluís with its charming area for tasting their wines and cavas plus a selection of delicious food. You’ll be surrounded by vineyards, where only weeks ago everyone was picking the grapes. It’s great to feel this connection with nature…

5.- Moments of Menorca’s history

No crowds and good weather make the perfect excuse to visit some sites from Menorcan history, taking you right back to other times with ancient legends that will have you dreaming.


They say that one of the most visited monuments on the island is the Naveta des Tudons near Ciutadella. It is a mass burial tomb that looks like the hull of an upturned boat, and is reputed to have been built from about 1130 BC. The legend of two giants challenging each other for the love of a maiden has been passed down by word of mouth. One of them built the naveta stone by stone but, as he was laying the last one, his rival managed to draw water from a well that he had dug out with his bare hands. The first giant threw the stone at the well, burying the other and then fleeing. That’s why there is one stone missing from the front of this prehistoric monument.

There are lots of legends in Menorca. Visit La Mola, one of the largest 19th century fortresses in Europe. It lies at the mouth of Mahón harbour, and still guards many a story among the passageways and cliffs all around.

Now you know some of the advantages of visiting Menorca in autumn, don’t miss this amazing experience!

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