3 family-friendly walking tracks in Menorca’s Natural Park

Menorca is full of hidden gems worth exploring and however if you want to take your family on a mini nature adventure, we recommend a day out to S’Albufera de Es Grau lagoonAlbufera de Es Grau lagoon, Menorca’s largest nature reserve. Children will love exploring the different tracks and encountering the animals that inhabit the area.

The core area of the nature reserve lies 8 km north of Maó. There are over 5,000 hectares of fields, beaches and coves, lagoons, the Illa d’en Colom islet, the Favàritx lighthouse and an abundance of animal and plant species.

At the Rodríguez Femenias reception centre, you will be able to view an exhibition about the park’s different ecosystems, as well as information on the three walking tracks you can take around the nature reserve. On each route you will experience the spectacular views this UNESCO protected area of Menorca has to offer. The tracks are easily accessible and suitable for all abilities so the whole family can enjoy themselves.

Walk to Es Grau, Menorca’s most well-known beachGrau, Menorca’s most well-known beach

The first walking track is known as Sa Gola and runs for 1.7 km from the Es Grau car park along a wooden path to the beach and features a viewpoint from where you can look out across the beautiful lagoon.


Sa Gola is the channel that connects the freshwater lagoon with the sea. From the stone bridge you will see the floodgates that regulate the water levels and their salinity. There is a large amount of fish to be found that were previously collected in fishing pens built with stone walls. Now the only fishing that is allowed is for eel and requires a special permit.

After passing through the sand dune area you’ll arrive at the beach of Es Grau, ideal for families because of the shallow water and proximity to the town where you will find several eateries to finish off the day and sample Menorca’s local cuisine.

The best viewpoints in the park

The second track, Santa Madrona, covers 2.8 km and is the best route for the kids to catch a glimpse of the local waterfowl. The species can be seen from the wooden platforms located along the tracks in place to prevent human presence from altering the natural habitat.

From the reception centre the track hugs the shoreline where you will spot ducks, cormorants, herons and egrets, as well as an abundance of vegetation typical of the wetlands and the islets that are inside the lagoon. One of them, Illot d’en Mel, houses the only Balearic gecko population in Menorca.

At the end of the track you’ll find Es Prat, a flood zone of the lagoon where rice was once cultivated and is now home to various breeds of Menorcan cattle.


An observatory for marine life in the park

The third track, El Mirador de Cala Llimpa, runs for 1.7 km and is great for spotting cormorants and terrapins swimming in the lagoon, as well as an array of colourful birds and eagles flying over the islets.

The vantage point Observatori d'en Biel, with its wooden shed at the edge of the water offers a natural spectacle and display of marine life. At the beginning of spring the orchids line the track with their varied and curious shapes until you reach the Mirador de Ses Puntes lookout point.

From the top you can see Cala de Llimpa, the tip of Na Verda, Sa Gola and in the distance the town of Es Grau with its white houses around the small port and beach.

From Bini Hotels we recommend this family excursion in which you will discover Menorcan nature in all its splendour, enjoying the unique and protected landscape around which the declaration of Menorca as a Biosphere Reserve is framed. Love nature? Which of these walking tracks has captured your fancy?

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